Value fit or skill fit?

oooh what matters more skill fit or value fit


What matters more, is it a skill fit for an employee or a value fit? Interestingly the same question and answer also applies to your suppliers as well as your employees. We want to give you a little food for thought on this matter. It raises the questions that are worth spending a little time on no matter how big or small your business is.

It can be destructive to a business to have someone work within it that doesn’t represent the values of the core of what you do. When this happens work gets lost, fellow employees get downtrodden, less productive and less enthusiastic. It might only be subtle but when one of the cogs has lost one of its edges the whole mechanism don’ts work.

The same goes for when you choose your suppliers. They are stakeholders too, and they need to be singing on your same hymn sheet otherwise you will all be out of tune.

Time and time again businesses can fall down the trap of price of a service, its obvious cost, the amount an employee will cost them to hire. Food for thought is looking at the value lost by engaging with a person or a firm that isn’t ‘on brand’ with your proposition.

Make time, evaluate not just on what they cost, or what skill set they might bring. It is the ‘fit’ that truly matters.

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