BrushPicks are making Dentists Smile

Dr Ben Atkins, Revive DentalDentists are smiling during National Smile Month (18th May – 18th June), after new oral healthcare product is helping their patients to keep their smile healthy.

‘I am always looking for products that innovate my patients to clean their teeth, I have found the Doctor’s BrushPicks do this, they stimulate the mind and have been the straw that has broken the back with a few of my more challenging patients’ Dr Ben Atkins, Revive Dental Care & Trustee of the British Dental Health Foundation.  

The Doctor’s Brushpicks are also very effective at cleaning braces, which are becoming increasingly popular with adults in the UK as a number of high profile celebrities have used them to straighten their teeth (Tom Cruise, Niall Horan, Faye Dunaway and Gwen Stefani). 

The product is a light plastic toothpick with a feathered tip that is twisted between teeth. The flexibility of the unique patented plyalene® plastic used means longer lasting bristles on the feathered tip will remove debris without aggravating the gums or damaging any bridge work, while the strong pointed tip enables the user to remove and reduce plaque, stimulating gums to promote periodontal health and help fight gingivitis.

You can buy yours now wholesale from Revolve Distribution, or for Dental Wholesale, from the Dental Directory or if you want a packet you can buy them from or SkinKicks.

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