BrushPicks are making Dentists Smile

Dr Ben Atkins, Revive DentalDentists are smiling during National Smile Month (18th May – 18th June), after new oral healthcare product is helping their patients to keep their smile healthy.

‘I am always looking for products that innovate my patients to clean their teeth, I have found the Doctor’s BrushPicks do this, they stimulate the mind and have been the straw that has broken the back with a few of my more challenging patients’ Dr Ben Atkins, Revive Dental Care & Trustee of the British Dental Health Foundation.  

The Doctor’s Brushpicks are also very effective at cleaning braces, which are becoming increasingly popular with adults in the UK as a number of high profile celebrities have used them to straighten their teeth (Tom Cruise, Niall Horan, Faye Dunaway and Gwen Stefani). 

The product is a light plastic toothpick with a feathered tip that is twisted between teeth. The flexibility of the unique patented plyalene® plastic used means longer lasting bristles on the feathered tip will remove debris without aggravating the gums or damaging any bridge work, while the strong pointed tip enables the user to remove and reduce plaque, stimulating gums to promote periodontal health and help fight gingivitis.

You can buy yours now wholesale from Revolve Distribution, or for Dental Wholesale, from the Dental Directory or if you want a packet you can buy them from or SkinKicks.

Health problems linked to bad oral hygiene

We’re sorry to tell you that the  mouth is one of the dirtiest areas of the body. It has been said that the mouth harbours more bacteria than there are people on this planet!

When bacteria have time to cultivate in the mouth it can lead to gum disease. Gum disease can complicate an already existing health issue or may even bring on a new one. It also makes for an unsightly smile.

The World's Best ToothPick - The Doctor's BrushPicks 60 Pick Pack

The Doctor’s BrushPick 60 Pick Pack of Interdental Brush / ToothPicks

There is a strong link between having poor oral health and having poor overall health. The bacterium that cause periodontitis can enter the bloodstream via bleeding gums which is what links the two together.

Here are just a few medical conditions linked to poor oral hygiene:

  • Heart disease
  • Endocarditis – Bacteria may find its way to the inner linings of the heart and valves which in turn, create growth pockets of bacteria. T
  • Stroke –  It is believed that oral bacteria may be a contributing factor to the arteries narrowing as well as blood clots easily forming because of the body’s negative response to the bacteria in the bloodstream.
  • Inflammation – Inflamed gums and bleeding may cause systemic inflammation.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – It is known that periodontal disease will worsen the pain!
  • Lung Condition – Those already suffering from Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia may have their condition worsened due to an increase of bacteria in their lungs.


The best way to fight this is to have a good oral hygiene regimen. Removing plaque is the only way to keep your gums and teeth free from disease. Brush your teeth at least two times a day and use the Doctor’s BrushPicks in between your teeth. Brushing and brushpicking is the best prevention to a healthy mouth!

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Are your teeth half clean?

Great oral hygiene is really important if you want to have healthy teeth. Effective brushing and interdental cleaning is defined as having removed all material from each side of each tooth. Teh material that can cause cavities and gum disease is easily removed with a good toothbrush, interdental brush (the Doctor’s BrushPicks) and effective technique.

We need to think of teeth as having 5 sides:  

1) Occlusal (Biting/Chewing surface)

2) Facial (Outside next to your cheeks)

3) Lingual (Inside next to your tongue)

4) Mesial (Front in between your teeth)

5) Distal (Back in between your teeth)


Pick our introductory offer

New to the Dental Directory: Doctor’s® BrushPicks® are toothpicks for a healthy smile.

Using Doctor’s® BrushPicks® everyday will produce a notable improvement in your patient’s oral health in only two weeks.

Each BrushPick offers seven discrete ways to clean teeth better:

  1. Improved Plyalene® for longer lasting bristles
  2. Extends between teeth gently and easily
  3. Brushes away debris
  4. Stimulates the gums
  5. Will not harm dental and bridge work
  6. Manoeuvres and is easy to hold
  7. Safely scrapes away plaque.

BrushPicks® promote periodontal health, help in the fight against gingivitis and are available in four convenient varieties.

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Fireworks tonight – don’t forget your BrushPicks!

Happy Bonfire Night!

Fireworks 2014


Don’t forget to take the best Toothpicks/ Interdentals, The Doctor’s BrushPicks with you tonight. If you’ve run out then buy some online from the UK store or for wholesale Dental buy them from The Dental Directory

The Doctor’s BrushPicks available to buy online

The World's Best ToothPick - The Doctor's BrushPicks 60 Pick Pack

The Doctor’s BrushPick 60 Pick Pack of Interdental Brush / ToothPicks











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You can buy the Doctor’s BrushPicks at wholesale/trade prices directly from The Dental Directory in the UK.

They love our World’s Best interdental Brush/ Toothpicks that much that they are doing an introductory offer for The Doctor’s BrushPicks.

We’re so pleased that you can buy our products from The Dental Directory  we helped them create an introductory offer as a thank you. To find out what this offer is please get in touch with your local business consultant of The Dental Directory. You can find out who looks after your area on this page of their website: The Dental Directory: The Consultants

National Mouth Cancer Awareness Day

Mouth Cancer Foundation


It’s National Mouth Cancer awareness day today.

What is Mouth Cancer? It’s the term given to cancers that develop in the throat, mouth, voice box, nose, salivary glands and sinuses. (

The things that put you most at risk of developing mouth cancer are alcohol consumption, and tobacco usage.

If you’ve had HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) your also at extra risk of developing oropharyngeal cancers too according to the research conducted in 2007.

According to the Mouth Cancer Foundation symptoms can include:

  • Unexplained Earache
  • Persistent nasal mucus
  • Unexplained Tooth Mobility for 3 weeks
  • Neck Swelling that persists for more than 3 weeks
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Hoarseness in the voice that last more than 6 weeks.
  • A feeling that something is caught int he throat
  • Difficulty in chewing or moving the jaw or the tongue
  • A lump anywhere in the mouth
  • A white or red patch on the gums, tongue, or lining of the mouth
  • a sore or ulcer in the mouth that persists for more than three weeks

If you’re concerned about any of the above symptoms see a dentist/doctor immediately and if they’re not available go to A&E.

The Dental Directory Picks Us

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US market-leading brand The Doctor’s® Brushpicks® has secured its first major UK listing, with The Dental Directory.

The Doctor’s® Brushpicks® are revolutionary light plastic toothpicks that safely remove food debris. The product, with its patented plyalene® plastic longer lasting bristles, was first introduced to the UK by Revolve Distribution earlier this year.

Sophia Smith of Revolve Distribution says: “The Dental Directory has a marketing-leading position in supplying Dental practitioners, so we felt they were the perfect partner to enable the Doctor’s BrushPicks to flourish in the dental market.”

The Dental Directory is the single largest purchaser of dental products in the UK. Having worked with dental practitioners for over 40 years it has established itself as the number one trade supplier.

Inclusion in its award-winning portfolio means that UK dentists will now have immediate access to the dental pick product that has proven a huge success Stateside. The product is a light plastic toothpick with a feathered tip that is twisted between teeth, with a strong pointed tip which enables the user to remove and reduce plaque, stimulating gums to promote periodontal health and help fight gingivitis.

Says Mark McEwan of The Dental Directory: “Top quality inter-dental picks are high on the list of all good dentists as the trend for better oral care increases here in the UK. It is natural that we look to the States for inspiration and we are delighted to help introduce this product to the audience of UK dental professionals.”

The listing will be supported with consumer PR as well as attendance at the BDIA Dental Showcase at London ExCeL in October.