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Our Stockists

Existing UK Trade Partners

The Doctor’s BrushPicks® are available from Dental Practices, Pharmacies, Catering Retailers, Supermarkets and from a number of retailers. You can even buy them online by clicking here.


Dental & Orthodontic Practices

Several dental and orthodontic practices stock the Doctor’s BrushPicks®. Please ask your dental professionals to order them for you if they are not currently available. All they need to do is give us a call on 07800 590 262

In Warrington, Cheshire you can buy them from Victoria House Orthodontic Practice.

Independent pharmacies

In Lancashire you can buy the Doctor's BrushPicks from The Clitheroe Pharmacy, King Street, Clitheroe.

Several independent pharmacies already stock Doctor’s BrushPicks® products.

Your local pharmacy can order Doctor’s BrushPicks® products for you. All they need to do is give us a call on 07800 590 262

Online UK Stockists

Buy them online from authorised reseller


Buy the Doctor's BrushPicks from UK reseller,


News of The Doctor's BrushPicks new UK Stockists will be coming here soon. Find out our latest developments by following us on TwitterFacebook and our Blog.